Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams hint at Packers future

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams hint at Packers future

The immediate future of the Green Bay Packers could not be more murky right now, and the latest social media posts of their top players didn’t bring much clarity.

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams almost simultaneously posted the same picture to their Instagram stories late Friday night. The picture: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen exchanging fist bumps while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Take that for what you will.

The simplest interpretation of Rodgers’ and Adams’ post is that the two see their situation as similar to the dynamic depicted in ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” in which a gifted team was eventually split apart by financial considerations and personal animosity.

That’s probably not the result Packers fans want to see, though it could at least mean getting one more season out of the pair.

Davante Adams is backing Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers and the Packers have been locked in a standoff all offseason, with reports of a trade demand and a threat of retirement if the team doesn’t send its reigning MVP elsewhere. The first confirmation from Rodgers that something was up came via Adams’ social media, as the quarterback liked this tweet from his star receiver:

Adams has been openly supportive of Rodgers throughout the ordeal, indicating that he would reconsider his own future in Green Bay should his longtime teammate head elsewhere.

When Rodgers no-showed for the Packers’ mandatory minicamp in June, both Adams and All-Pro left tackle David Bakhtiari showed their support. Adams left no room for misinterpretation:

“I’ve got his back through everything so he knows that at the end of the day, if there’s ever a wonder if he’s lost a teammate or something because of all that’s come out, he knows where I stand,” Adams said, per the Duluth News-Tribune. “I’ll stand on the f***ing mountain and scream on the mountaintop that I’ve got his back.”

Now, Rodgers and Adams are making cryptic social media posts together. That probably means they’re on the same page at this point, though who knows which book we’re talking about.

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